Cheap Consumable Internet for 7 Days (Smart)

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Finally, Smart Communications has upgraded their consumable internet promos. They are now offering consumable internet for 7 days with FREE Facebook and unlimited all network texts. Choose your promo below and enjoy a week-long internet access and other benefits. These promos are better availed if you want to access the internet using your mobile phones. This is NOT recommended to be used in laptop or desktop internet usage.

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Smart's GIGA70/BIG70
Price: PhP70
Allocations: 1 GB consumable internet plus 300MB for iflix/Spinnr/YouTube/Vimeo/
Dailymotion/Dubsmash, unlimited all net texts and FREE Facebook access.
Validity: 7 days
To register: Send GIGA70 (or BIG70) to 9999 and wait for the confirmation message. Once done, enjoy your 1GB internet access with FREE FB and unli allnet texts for a week!

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Smart's ALLOUT99 (Grab this if you want to have call minutes allocation)
Price: PhP99
Allocations: 2GB consumable internet promo, 200 mins Smart/Sun/Talk 'n Text call, unli allnet text and FREE Facebook
Validity: 7 days
To register: Send ALLOUT99 to 9999 and wait for the confirmation message. Enjoy!

The GIGA70 is a better version of Globe's GOTSCOMBODD70. Recently, Globe had stopped providing FREE Facebook to all their promos. So, make the switch or have a dual network.

The consumable internet provision can view all websites and can access all internet games, you only need to monitor your usage so as budget your internet consumption.  

To check your remaining consumable balance, do a balance inquiry via your Smart Menu.

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  1. Do u have a cheat for mega250, to add more data?

    1. Smart does not cheap consumable data for 1 day e.

  2. Is there a way to add consumable data to allout99?

  3. Can I use this in smartbro stick? Or tether in my cp?

  4. this is a nice move from smart, they can now compete with globe's Gotscombo70 :D