Privacy Policy

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The following details the kind of data that is being collected from you everytime you visit this site and it will let you know how it is safeguarded. The site assures you that any personal data that will be collected, if there is any, will never be sold to third parties.

Log files
As you have observed, the site has the Feedjit widget installed which is viewable by anybody. The details that are included in that are your place of origin, the browser you are using, time log, the site which you came from and where you proceed and your keyword searches. This same data are also inputed in the site's google analytics.

The cookies includes information similar to the above. In addition, the site's third party advertisements and stat counter also collects the mentioned information to help them determine the kind of ads to show as you browse Hush Share and to provide data that may be useful for the performance of this site.

Advertisers and your Privacy
The site's advertising network uses Google Adsense. The site as third party vendor, uses cookies to provide ads on this site. Google’s use of the DART cookie enables it to serve ads to you based on your visit to this site and other sites on the Internet. Users may opt out of the use of the DART cookie by visiting the Google ad and content network privacy policy. You may read more about Adsense privacy policies, click here.

Subscriptions and Your Contact details
Your email address can be collected through posts subscription and comment replies (which is optional for your part). Subscribers' contact details are safe here and will not be disclosed as well as the email addresses indicated in the comment form. They will not be used to any advertising or any form of money-making campaign that may benefit from its availability. But the Facebook pages or Google pages used in comment forms is readily available to other readers. 
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