How to Still Enjoy Free BPI Mobile Transfers?

On May 30, 2019, the Bank of the Philippine Islands announced that they will be implementing new fees starting July 1, 2019 for mobile transfer to unenrolled third party accounts i.e. BPI to BPI accounts (PhpP10) and mobile transfer to other banks via InstaPay (PhP50). To be honest, I opened an account with them way back in 2012 because they were the only bank which allows over-the-counter deposits to regional BPI banks FREE of charge. But recently, they are charging PhP50 for every interbranch deposit. Moreover, they will be imposing these new mobile transfer fees starting July! Such another burden BPI.

But there are still ways to enjoy the BPI mobile transfer service for FREE, most especially to those online sellers who utilize BPI transfer as mode of payment. I will be sharing with you on how to use the BPI mobile transfer despite the new fee implementation and let your business thrive after this new fee is implemented.
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How to Still Enjoy FREE BPI Mobile Transfers?
A. Transfer via QR
For now,this is the most efficient way to transfer money for BPI to BPI accounts. I recommend using this method since it's error-proof. We need not worry of inputting the wrong account number and it's also faster as compared to the traditional way of typing the account numbers.
To do:
1. Log-in to your account via BPI mobile app or the webpage version (their interface are now similar by the way). Go to Other Services} QR Generator.
2. Select the account where money will be received and type a nickname for it. Any name will do.
3. Click the Generate button and wait for the QR code to be generated. Once finished, click the Save to Device. Now, the saved picture of your account QR code will be used to allow your family, friends and customers to send you money from their BPI accounts. So, whenever you request payment from other people, just send the picture of the QR code.
4.  For them to send you money, let them use the Transfer via QR button from the homepage of the mobile app. Choose import from Gallery.
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BPI, transfer via QR code, galler picture, QR

B. Enroll your other accounts and third party accounts
Though the transfer via QR code is the easiest method, it is only FREE for a limited period of time (until BPI public notice). Once fee is implemented to Transfer via QR, our only option for FREE mobile transfer is enrolling third party accounts by visiting a branch near you or by mailing signed Third Party Enrollment Form. You can download the Third Party Enrollment Form here. Follow the steps below to enroll third party accounts.

In the long run, we can still enjoy the FREE transfer if we enroll the accounts; but this is quite tedious especially to the online buyers. Whenever they want to use the service to a new online seller, they will have to enroll the account first before they can make payment. I think this is a wrong move for BPI. Surely, people will find another bank that do this for FREE all the way! Hello BDO and LBP...

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Grab 7th Anniversary Bundle (PhP700+ SM Voucher for Only PhP7)

Grab gives back on its 7th anniversary! With only PhP7 purchase via GrabCredit, you get PhP700+ worth of vouchers from SM. This promo is valid from May 31 to June 6, 2019.

Included in the Anniversary Bundle:
a. PhP100 off Grab ride - minimum PhP150 fare in Cebu and Metro Manila. Valid until June 30 '19.
b. PhP60 discount in the SM store with a minimum purchase of PhP600.
c. Free SM Advantage card - redemption until June 10, 2019.
d. 15% off Watsons Label Products and 30% off on Watson's Generics. PhP30 off on new purchase of Watsons Card.
e. PhP250 off The Body Shop with minimum single receipt purchase of PhP1500. Valid until December 30, 2019.
f. Php50 off Goldilocks single receipt purchase of PhP500.
g. Brownies from Brownies Unlimited. Valid until July 31, 2019.
Grab, 7th, 7, Anniversary, SM, Vouchers

How to Redeem Grab Anniversary Bundle for Only PhP7?
1. Download and install the Grab App from Playstore or AppStore. Use the code GRABVYGO3M8I to get PhP50 off on your first ride (first timers only).
2. Link your mobile number. You need to link it so drivers can call you whenever they got lost finding your pinned location.
3. Open the app and cash-in PhP10 to your GrabCredits. You can Cash-in via the following:
    a. In Store: SM Business Center, 711, Cebuana
    b. Bank Methods: BPI Express Online
    c. Cards and Wallets: Debit and Credit Cards with MasterCard, Visa, Amex, UnionPay or JCB logo.
    d. Driver: top-up and pay through the Grab driver.
   I usually use the cards and wallets method using my Landbank card. No extra charge is incurred.
4. Now you have PhP10, go to the Grab homepage in your app and look for the Exclusive SM deals section and from there, shop the Grab Anniversary Bundle for only PhP7.
5. Check the My Rewards tab and you will have the same coupons as below.
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Book Your Staycation with OYO

We now get more options to book our staycation getaways thru OYO hotels. If you are looking for cheap hotels to spend the weekends or you simply want to have meh time, try booking with OYO hotels. It is a hotel chain based in India so, you won't regret availing of their service. You can find hotels as cheap as Php200 per night! And theirs are not just room, their rooms are like suite with clean linens and fast WIFI service. Some room even let you cook!
oyo hotel, book, staycation, discount, room

How to Book a Room in OYO?
1. Download an install the OYO app via Playstore or AppStore. Register and use the code YCHEB379JQ to earn PhP100 discount. You will need a working mobile number to retrieve your booking details.
2. Open the OYO app and search your location to check the available hotels. You will also see discounted hotels under the Recommended For You section. Usually, the cheapest hotels are visible  there. Some hotels offer FREE use of swimming pool, gym area, etc.
3. When you have decided on your preferred room and dates of stay, just click the Book Now.
4. You have the option to pay at the hotel when you arrive or your use your credit card.

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Promo Code: PhP155 Off on Army Navy Order in FoodPanda

Satisfy your craving in Army Navy via FoodPanda. They are giving PhP155 off with minimum order of PhP310. That's 50% off savings! Army Navy is celebrating their anniversary month and is offering discounts to FoodPanda costumers. FoodPanda is a food service delivery in Metro Manila and they only charge PhP35 for every delivery. FoodPanda delivery service is cheaper than GrabFood and has a wider options of restaurants.
Foodpanda, Army Navy, Promo code

How to Avail PhP155 Off in Army Navy via FoodPanda?
1. Register to FoodPanda if you still do not have FoodPanda account. Use my link to have PhP180 off on your first order. It will only take a one minute to do this.
2. Once log in, search for Army Navy store and order your food to cart (it must cost PhP310 up). Try the Chicken Burrito and the Cheese Quesadilla (Total: PhP335).
3. View your Cart and click the "Do you have a voucher?" link. Input ARMYPANDA.
4. Indicate your address, contact number in case your driver got lost, and your mode of payment. They accept cash by the way. Place your order.
5. Wait for the restaurant to accept your order, your driver to pick it up and deliver it to your address. You can view the progress of your order in the website or in the app. They will also send email update to your registered email.

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Download Big Files Without Block in Globe or TM

You want to download games or movies, or you need to update your Windows and your Android/Apple phone, yet your unlimited internet in Globe has this Fair Usage Policy? Well, you can download big files now without getting throttled to 2G speed! I have been a Globe user for years and their FUP has been an obstacle for my download days ever since. If you are being like me, here's how you can download big files.

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How to Download Big Files Without Being Blocked by Globe/TM?

A. Use Regular Load (no promo)
1. You only need to load around 30php-50php. Make sure you do not have existing registration to promos. If you have, buy an extra Globe/TM SIM for your download activities only.
2. Text SURFALERT OFF to 8080.
3. Start your download. It is advisable to download during off-peak hours (11PM-6AM). You can just start the download before you sleep and let it finish. Just make sure that your regular load is only the amount you want to spend for the download. The download speed during off-peak hours is faster and Globe/TM only charge Php5/15mins. It downloads at 4mbps.
4. Once you are done, send SURFALERT ON to 8080 to make sure that your internet won't consume regular load next time you reload.

B. Use Consumable Internet Promos (Not Unlimited)
1. If you can afford to download using data promos, just send GOTSCOMBOKEA37 to 8080 and you will have 1GB of consumable data for your 1GB download. If you want more data allocation, register again using that promo to have 2GB and so on. It costs PhP37 for every successful registration.

These tips will ensure that your download speed won't throttle to 2G.

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2GB Consumable Internet Plus 750MB Free Apps Usage for TNT Users (P180^30days)

Talk 'N Text subscribers can now enjoy longer validity of their consumable data at a cheaper price. This trick is similar to Globe's Cheapest Consumable 30-and 7-day internet post. Yey, the perk is no longer exclusive for Globe subscribers! This trick is better suitable for your mobile data internet need. I will NOT suggest this to use in your pocket wifi or modem which is usually shared over a number of users. You can now enjoy a month-long internet connection as long as you can manage your daily internet use, setup your mobile data limit in your Android data setting to 3GB and have the notification for 70MB use so that you can track your consumption. I can say that I am a moderate user (Facebook with video streaming, Messenger call/video, Viber, Instagram (IG), 15 mins Youtube, Arena of Valor (AOV), Mobile Legend (ML), Rules of Survival (ROS), Pokemon Go, UCWeb browsing for 30 mins, and my Mobile Banking Apps are my daily apps usage). It won't last for 30 days if you stream movies using this trick i.e. Netflix, iFlix, DramaFever, etc. Also, these TNT promos doesn't have allocations for calls or texts. You can use Facebook Messenger instead.

2GB, Consumable Data, Internet, TNT, Talk n Text, Cheap, Surf, Data

How to Have 2GB Internet Data Plus 750MB Free Apps for 30 Days for Only PhP180?
2GB Consumable Open Access Internet Data
750MB Free Apps Data (Youtube, FB, Messenger, Mobile Legend)
2GB Youtube Data (Valid for the first 2 days only)
Valid for 30 days for only PhP180 
To Register:
1. Make sure you have at least PhP180 load in your TNT SIM.
2. Send GAANSURF150 to 4545 and wait for confirmation (PhP150). If 1.5GB internet data and 750MB of tropa apps are enough for you to last in 30 days, you can stop at this step. If you want additional 500MB and 2GB Youtube Access (for 2 days), do Step 3.
3. Send PDATA30 to 4545 and wait for confirmation (PhP30). Also, you may opt to do this step when your remaining MB from your GAANSURF is becoming low, like when you are on your 20th day and your Gaansurf data is only 200MB, you can then register to this promo. It is not necessary that you register to this promo right away so that you can manage if you have the need for additional 500MB.
4. Done. Enjoy your internet connection for 30 days!

Need More Data?
If you will need additional 500MB along your 30 days consumption, you only need to register to PDATA30 as long as you have at least PhP30 in your TNT account. You can do this multiple times if you can afford it and you want more of the 500MB additional. Just remember to do this within your
30 days validity. If you may prefer to have additional 1GB data, you can register to GIGA50 to 4545 at a lower price, PhP50. Unlike when you register twice to PDATA30, it will cost PhP60.

How to Extend the Validity of Your Promo?
An hour or two before your promo expires, register to GAANSURF150 to 4545 again (PhP150).  Through this, your remaining data will be carried over to your new validity with additional 1.5GB consumable internet and 750MB of FREE apps access.

How to Check Your Balance?
Send ?1515 to 214 or use your SIM Menu}Balance Inquiry.

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2GB Internet Data for 30 Days for Only PhP108 (Globe)

Internet data is now a necessity to everyone who owns a smartphone. Our inclination to the social media sites, websites and communication had made us more dependent on internet access. Our telecommunication providers had provided us with unlimited internet but sadly, with the sense of limited speed and data usage. Where's the justice in the unlimited world, eh? So, we now opted to the consumable internet.

Globe Telco had given us options on their different load packages ranging from text-call only to data only and a mixture of these packages to suit our week and month-long needs. Now, we have another cheaper option for data only! Are we supposed to be happy with this cheaper alternative? If it lessens our expenses, why not?

How to Register to a 30-Day Consumable 2GB Internet?
Allocation: 2GB consumable internet data for 30 days
Price: PhP108.00
Validity: 30 days
No longer working as of July 2018

To register,
1. Send GOSURFBF50 to 8080 and wait for the confirmation (PhP50).
2. Send GOCOMBOAIEBFA29 to 8080 and wait for the confirmation (PhP29).
3. Again, send GOCOMBOAIEBFA29 to 8080 and wait for the confirmation (PhP29).
4. Done. To check your balance, send GOSAKTO STATUS to 8080.
To add another 1GB internet data:
Send GOCOMBOAIEBFA29 to 8080. This costs PhP29. You can do this for several times within your 30-day promo duration as long as you have PhP29 load in your balance. 
I suggest that you use this load package for your mobile internet only. If you use this in your WIFI needs, it will only last for a few hours.

If you need to extend your remaining internet data package, send GOSURFBF50 to 8080 an hour or two before your package expires.

Note: You cannot add call and text package that will last for 30 days unless you get your combo package here

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Cheap Consumable Internet for 7 Days (Smart)

Finally, Smart Communications has upgraded their consumable internet promos. They are now offering consumable internet for 7 days with FREE Facebook and unlimited all network texts. Choose your promo below and enjoy a week-long internet access and other benefits. These promos are better availed if you want to access the internet using your mobile phones. This is NOT recommended to be used in laptop or desktop internet usage.

Smart, consumable internet, net, 7 days, 1 week, cheap, how to register

Smart's GIGA70/BIG70
Price: PhP70
Allocations: 1 GB consumable internet plus 300MB for iflix/Spinnr/YouTube/Vimeo/
Dailymotion/Dubsmash, unlimited all net texts and FREE Facebook access.
Validity: 7 days
To register: Send GIGA70 (or BIG70) to 9999 and wait for the confirmation message. Once done, enjoy your 1GB internet access with FREE FB and unli allnet texts for a week!

Smart, Alloutsurf, cheap, 1 week, one week, 7 days, consumable internet, net

Smart's ALLOUT99 (Grab this if you want to have call minutes allocation)
Price: PhP99
Allocations: 2GB consumable internet promo, 200 mins Smart/Sun/Talk 'n Text call, unli allnet text and FREE Facebook
Validity: 7 days
To register: Send ALLOUT99 to 9999 and wait for the confirmation message. Enjoy!

The GIGA70 is a better version of Globe's GOTSCOMBODD70. Recently, Globe had stopped providing FREE Facebook to all their promos. So, make the switch or have a dual network.

The consumable internet provision can view all websites and can access all internet games, you only need to monitor your usage so as to budget your internet consumption.  

To check your remaining consumable balance, do a balance inquiry via your Smart Menu.

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