Experience Globe Through Postpaid Plans: It Did Get Better

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Globe PH's bundle of CloudFone Pad 750w and CloudFone 354g at PhP499 per month had enticed me to inquire their postpaid plans. But as I had read reviews of these CloudFone brand, I was discouraged to avail the bundle though I badly wanted a tablet and a new android phone. But still their tagline, "Avail a postplain now and double what you paid for" had convinced me to check out their other handsets and I settled myself with their Huawei Ascend G510 plan at PhP499 per month.

The Globe Postpaid Plan
When you avail of the postpaid plan, you can choose among the different plans ranging from PhP299-3799 per month. You can also avail of the unlimited plan and family plan of group three up to 10 unli plans in bundle. Each plan has equivalent Peso Value (PV) with the lowest plan 299 at 500 PV each month. The PV works like a converted money for purchase in the site in which you can purchase gadgets, combos and boosters.

The Gadget (Optional)
As part of the postpaid plan, you can have a free gadget or you can opt to SIM only. As for my case, I availed a phone and I am quite satisfied with it. The specification of Ascend G510 are better than those other phones in the entry-level league. With its 4.5" IPS screen, Qualcomm MSM8225 Snapdrago Dual COre 1.2 Ghz processor, and 512MB RAM, I can already play hard core games like NBA 2k13, Dungeon Hunter, Temple Run, Ripside, MC4, etc. The only weak spot of this phone is that its small internal memory of 1GB but it can be solved by adding a microSD card of at least 4GB. To fully enjoy your Android experience, I suggest you root your phone after the gadget's one month warranty had expired cause it will void your warranty (just make sure that you had tried and tested everything in your phone and is satisfied that nothing is wrong with it). Out of the box, the phone do not come with so many bloatwares inside thus, saving your time managing your internal memory.
Combos, Boosters, and Gadgets

The Combos
The PhP499 plan will give you a 900 PV per month on which 99PV is allotted for the compulsory availment of the 50MB internet surfing per month and the gadget's 250PV purchase per month. So per month, you will be left out with 551 PV for your consumption of regular load or for purchase of another combos. You can choose your combo among the following:
1. 125 texts to all network (100 PV)
2. 100 text to all network + 5 mins call to Globe/TM (100PV)
3. 20 mins Globe/TM calls (100PV)
4. 5 mins IDD and 5 international SMS (100PV)
Caveat: Globe does not have a function to inquire about the status of your remaining texts and calls in the combos so you have to manually monitor them so as not to incur additional amount in your monthly bills.

The Boosters
You will also be offered to choose from their boosters but the payment will be added on top of your monthly PhP499 bill. For instance, you added Unlimited call and text to one Globe number for PhP175 per month, you will be billed PhP674 monthly. Other boosters are:
1. Unli All Net text (Php599/month)
2. Unli Calls and Texts (Php599/month)
3. Surf 50MB (Php99/month)
4. Surf 300MB (Php299/month)
5. Surf 1GB (Php499/month)
6. Unli Dup and Landline (Php450/month)
7. Unli Mobile and Landline (Php599/month)
8. Unli Text (Php349/month)

You can check the Outstanding balance and Unbilled balance of your postpaid account by calling *143# and choose My account.

Take note, you can also purchase their plan with just the postpaid SIM and no added combos nor boosters.

Requirements for Application
I have applied for a new subscription with just a valid ID and a previous month payslip. Other Globe stalls require a proof of billing but since I do not have a permanent home in the city, they let me get away with that requirement.
Also note that your consumable regular load cannot be transferred through Share-a-Load.

If you can compare this with their previous version of postpaid plans, I think I go with their previous version. The previous one loads your phone with the your monthly consumable thus giving you less worries in incurring additional amount in your bills since you can monitor it by just checking your balance.
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