What Happens Next to Filipina X-Factor Israel Winner?

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The news of a Filipina becoming the first winner of X-Factor Israel had hit the country like a storm. It sure made the Filipinos' pride bloom again for the nth time. Rosanna Fostanes, a 46-year-old OFW hailed in Taguig, works as a caregiver in Israel. She won the title singing Frank Sinatra's memorable My Way, breaking the Filipino belief that the song is cursed and whoever sings it (especially in videoke) will face death right after. But this is not the case for her, huh? The song made her gain the flags of admiration from the Filipinos worldwide after Manny Pacquiao's win in Shanghai, China last Novermber 2013.

As I read the news, I wonder how she was able to join the contest given she has a Filipino citizenship? And the problem now rise after this historical event. There was these issues of Israel not permitting her to work as a singer in their country and the Philippine's Bureau of Internal Revenue is also to tax her winnings. The BIR said that even though OFWs are exempted from tax, her winnings is not. It's like in Pacquiao's case, even if they had brought pride to the Philippines, they still have to abide with the laws governing their incomes. As with Israel, the country will not honor her caregiver visa to allow her to do paid recordings.

Well, I hope the best for her, these problems are workable and I am sure she can get out of it will soon enjoy the fame and the career that opened through the show. You can watch her winning performance below:

Video credits to Youtube (The X-Factor Israel)
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