Vhong Navarro's Mauling Case: It's Like in the Movies Now

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The news about Vhong Navarro being tied and inhumanely beaten by a group of men last January 22 is now escalating to a teleserye plot. After Chito Rono's statement of the actor's case, GMA-7 had aired another side of the story. GMA had shown the public of a blotter report filed on January 23 identifying Vhong in an alleged rape case but the girl involved considered not to file charges. Rono, Vhong's manager, had spoken of the unavailability of that blotter report from the precinct the last time they tried to get hold of it.

Then yesterday, Vhong was finally interviewed by The Buzz and spoke his part. He said that he was threatened and beaten up and was ordered to go to the precinct to file the blotter charge against him. They even asked for an amount of PhP2 million as part of the threat. Vhong also named the girl in this case as Denise Millet Cornejo, a 22-year-old advertising model and a grand niece of GMA-7 President. She also goes by the name Deniece Milinette Cornejo. He also pointed to Cedric Lee as the leader of the group who attacked him. Lee is a businessman and the former husband of Vina Morales. Later that day, Lee had also responded to the issue through his twitter account of which he did not deny beating Vhong and accusing the actor of being a rapist.

So, who's telling the truth now? It's feels like the nation is watching a movie; there's the kontrabida and the naapi, the power of money and influence, and the actors playing their roles well! Adding to plot is the battle between the two big networks in the country.

The case is going viral not only in TV but also in the world wide web. There's a link circulating in the internet luring users to view a CCTV video of Vhong's attack but it proved to be just a spam to generate traffic. Even the netizens had expressed their views on this issue especially in FB and Twitter. You can see most of them are siding with Vhong's version of the story.

I am excited to see how this plot will turn and end for this will be another test of our justice system. 

Photo credits: Google
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