New Araw-Araw Load from Talk n' Text

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If you used to be an AL100 subscriber, you might be disappointed that it is no longer offered. The new Araw-Araw Load is now in unlimited texts unlike before it only gives 30 texts and the 5-minute call to TNT and Smart users is now 10 minutes and with additional internet access! Better, right?

 Talk n Text Araw Araw Load
Though Talk n' Text Araw-Araw Load is now only offered in 30 and 60 pesos denominations, the new Araw-Araw Load gives users everyday unlimited texts and 10 minutes call to TNT and Smart users and 10 minutes internet usage.

Araw-Araw Load60 - valid for 7 days, ~Php8.57 daily.

To register, text AL60 to 4545.

Araw-Araw Load30 - valid for 3 days, Php10 daily.
To register, text AL30 to 4545.

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  1. A big saving AL100 for me,,pls get back the promo

    1. Yes, seems like TNT is no longer cheap. I cannot find a promo that suits my budget.