Alcapurria in Pinoy Version

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If you want an easy inexpensive meal that is complete with carbs and protein, try Alcapurria. It's a Puerto Rican fritter but in this version we will be using ground pork, saging na saba, yautia (known as San Fernando in Filipino), and carrots.

Alcapurria san fernando yautia saging saba pork deep fry fritters
Alcapurria molded into balls
1 small sized carrot
5 pieces of small yautia (San Fernando) or 3 pieces of medium size ones
100 g ground pork
3 pieces saging na saba
3 cloves garlic and half onion for saute
 pepper and salt to taste
1 small bottle cooking oil for deep frying

Estimated Expense: Less than PhP100.00

1. Mince the carrot.
2. Saute the ground pork and carrot with pepper, garlic and onions.
3. Grate/mash the saging na saba and yautia then add salt to prevent them from turning gray or brownish.
4. With your hand, coat the sauteed ground pork and carrots with mashed/grated saging na saba and yautia (Mold them into balls with the pork as fillings).
5. Deep fry the balls until golden brown.
6. Serve while hot! Enjoy!

Alcapurria fritters deep fry ground pork san fernando saging saba
Makes 4 servings.
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