What's With the Ariel 7.50 Memes?

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I have been seeing a lot of Ariel memes lately and I don't know why it's so viral. I don't have TV in my current location so I barely watch Philippine TV shows. To show the level of my ignorance, I am not even aware of the Forevermore soap opera! I remember when my friend mentioned that she went to Pureza, I even asked stupid questions like "What's in Pureza?" and she said it's the setting of Forevermore and I answered again, "The movie Forevermore?".

This Ariel sensation is like the new habit of every Filipino nowadays. They will just blurt out "Finally, Ariel happened to me!" anytime they feel like it or when they are in distressful situations and someone will respond with "7.50 na lang". I thought it was from one of Vice Ganda's banat but I was wrong.
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 Remember the "Sarah magbalat na lang tayo ng patatas" memes? That too, I don't know why it suddenly become a hit to Facebook users. I even checked if Sarah Ang Munting Prinsesa is being aired again in TV. But no, someone just revived it out of interest with memes. Hahaha.

Back to this Ariel commercial, it got me intrigued. Fortunately I still have access to the outside world, The internet happened to me! I went to Youtube and searched for Ariel commercial 7.50 and besides the original commercial, there are other user-created spoofs along with the search results. I even saw Elsa's version of the "Finally, Ariel happened to me!" and the bekis' version of the skit. I also saw a video that depicts the remarkable power of Ariel to transform a person from an ugly one to hotness and gorgeous one just by drinking the powder. And those other memes of mixing Ariel with milktea if you want to poison someone and the Ariel powder being used as cooking mix especially when your day is full of activities.

I can say that the jingle in this commercial will win the LSS trophy! It will surely continue to play in your head after watching it thrice, what more in viewing it everyday on TV. No doubt, the Filipinos are making it part of their culture. The jingle is from the original song, Finally by Ceci Penistons.

Indeed, the 7.50-peso price it boasts for their Swakto pack is a big improvement to our budget. Ariel detergent powder is known to have a bit higher selling price compared to their rivals in the market. Now that with your 20 pesos, you can buy two Ariel sachets even if it is priced at 8.50 from your suking tindahan!

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  1. Hello po. Im using pack4. May I ask anu code nung addtional 30GB internet? Thank you

  2. As of April 2016 pack 5 is still working

  3. Hi is pack 6 still working??

  4. hi! working pa po ang pack6 kakareg ko lang 1st time. magtatanong lang po sana kung may cap ung all day surfing nya thanks gagamitin ko kse sya sa ps4 online games. thanks🙂