How to Turn ON Suncellular Load Protect (Surf Protect)?

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My SunCellular Load Protect Issues
I was using Suncellular Lite PhP25 for three days unlimited internet as I mentioned in this SunCellular's 3Days Unlimited Internet for PhP25 post. The subscription is cheaper, right? But I cannot load more than PhP25 every registration because I cannot turn ON the Load Protect in my SunBroadband SIM. 

What happens when I load more than PhP25? My Sun SIM consumes the remaining load even if the mentioned subscription is unlimited. Weird, right? This is because the Auto Connect Even When Roaming is enabled in my device. This setting lets me use the SMART signal (Sun's sister company) thus, the "roaming" to network and NOT the roaming we know about when we are abroad. And when it uses the SMART network, it charges my account for the "roaming" fee at the default rate of PhP5/15minutes. This is not quite fair. But still I prefer to surf while roaming with the SMART signal because the internet is way faster than the SUN signal. You can notice this once you started using SunBroadband SIM. The equation is like this: when the SUN signal is shown on your device, slow internet; when the SMART signal is in use, better internet speed.

Thus, the problem occurs when I am loading more than the amount I need to register. Sun sent me notifications that I have been charged PhP5/15minutes for accessing sites without data even if I am in unli subscription. My remaining load will be consumed and the notifications will only stop once my balance reaches zero. The pain of loading the exact amount on my part is that I have to go to the store every time I need to reload. This going to a retail store is strenuous unlike when I am just buying SunCellular prepaid load cards one time to load my account in the future. Another thing, the retail store charges me another Php2 for every load!
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How to Activate the Sun Load Protect?
SunCellular's notification includes an info that I can turn the Load Protect in my SunCellular SIM by sending LOAD PROTECT to 2300. Yey but not yet! So, the trick to activate the Load Protect in your device is NOT sending LOAD PROTECT to 2300 because no matter how much load you have and how many times you'll try, it won't send (just failure). Maybe the keyword is intended only for Suncellular Prepaid users and not for SunBro users. You can try the keyword using a regular Suncellular prepaid SIM; if it did not work, try the guide below. Update: Send DATA OFF to 9999 instead. That will prevent internet charges to your SIM when you are accessing websites without an active data package. Thanks to an anonymous user below who provided us this keyword!
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My Sun Load Protect Activation Guide
The workaround for activating the Surf/Load Protect feature in SunCellular/SunBroadband SIM card is to register and create an account in the SunCellular webpage for the SIM number. To do this:
1. Go to My Sun website (click) and enter your Sun SIM number in the box to continue. See pic above for reference.
2. It will detect that you still don't have a My Sun account and the page will prompt you to register.
3. Input your name and surname. Create a password, retype it at the last box and hit REGISTER.
4. A verification code will be sent to your number and you have to check your broadband device for the message.
5. Input the verification code in the box at the My Sun page and click OK. Now, your Sun SIM has a valid My Sun account!
6. Click the My Account at the upper right portion of the page. You will see the Surf Protect logo and the indicator that it is turned OFF. Click the indicator to turn it ON and a new window will pop-out.
7. Wait for the new window to fully load and enter your My Sun account password. Then, the pop-up window will disappear and your Surf/Load Protect is now enabled.
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SunCellular SIM Load Protect is ON
No more annoying data charges even if your account has extra load after registering to a Sun's promo! The feels of freedom!

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  1. Wala na po yung sunprotect logo sa dashboard ng my sun account as of august 15 2015 11:34AM
    pero po na i turn on ko po yung sun protect.

    ang keyword po na ise-send ay hindi po


    ang dapat niyo po itext ay

    DATA OFF 9999

    ito po yung nakuha kong message sa kanila after ko isend ang DATA OFF sa 9999

    FROM: SunCellular
    "1/2 DATA OFF successful! You can no longer surf your favorite apps & sites unless you have an active data package."
    "2/2 Want to surf apps and sites affordably? Register to any of Sun Cellular's mobile internet offers! Text SMI to 2300 for a free list of products."

    ito naman po yung text sakin ng 2300 BEFORE i sent DATA OFF sa 9999
    "Sun Mobile Internet just got better with the new Surf Protect feature with SMS alerts!

    DATA ON - to enjoy seamless data connection without a data package; enable automatic data charging of P5 for every 15 minutes

    DATA OFF - you will not be able to access the internet without a data package, automatic data charging of P5 for every 15 minutes will be disabled

    Text to 9999. Ex. DATA ON"

    paki confirm nalang din po :)

    1. Salamt po sa info. Hindi ko pa po trinay yung sending DATA OFF. I think if it's working for you, it will also work for everybody. As of this writing, I can still turn ON and OFF the Surf Protect via

      "You have successfully activated Load Protect. You will be asked for permission before being charged from your load, and informed when your credits are fully-consumed. Enjoy worry-free surfing with Sun Broadband"

  2. I am using DATA OFF to 9999, its working on my Sun Postpaid pero wala akong nakikitang Sun Protect Logo sa dashboard ko.

    1. Kapag pumunta po kayo dito: click nyo yung plus sign (+) sa may bandang gitna, right side ng window, magloload po ang account info nyo. dun nyo makikita ang SUN protect logo.

  3. Nawala ang data signal ng new SunBro ko when I did heavy downloading using cgi proxy. Na banned account ko nito or natanggal lang data coz wala na balance / consumed na 10mb open net freebie? Kapag nagload ba ako will this get unbanned and/or my data will get reactivated? Patulong naman. Salamat.

  4. meron kayang bug ngayon sa sun