Cheaper Online Shop: Shopee Review (vs. Lazada)

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Online shopping became a hit in 2016. In this fast-paced lifestyle, online payment becomes more convenient for the millennials. If shopping will be made online, where you do not have to go around to look for the best and the "sulit," by just typing the keyword you'd like with available sorter from lowest price to highest and vice versa, and what's hot and relevant, undeniably, your budget might get out of hand.

Good thing we have a new local option --- Shopee! When Lazada entered the market, we thought that we already found a cheaper version of items with their big discounts. Hope not! Although Shopee is not as famous as Lazada, their service is almost as good. Although I cannot guarantee the quality of both online shops absolutely, let me share my experience with them and allow you to judge and share yours on the comments section below. But before that, let me give you some of my thoughts.
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Benefits of Shopee
Shopee lets their user purchase items with at least PhP5 price tag. It's like an online Divisoria but less the crowded place and traffic. The sellers have their individual virtual stores where you can browse their products. You can also view the store's ratings and feedbacks for a particular item. Shopee guarantees that you will have your money back if you did not receive your order. Just make sure that you make all your payment transactions in Shopee. It offers a chat service where you can inquire directly from the seller and even make a bargain for your purchase.

The products in Shopee ranges from homewares, electronics, health and beauty, clothing, shoes, and bag, you name it.

I am also a subscriber of AliExpress and I can say that Shopee offers products which can be found in AliExpress. So, instead of purchasing in AliExpress and waiting for at least 3 weeks of shipping time, have the Shopee experience for a shorter waiting time and free of custom handling fee.  

Shopee coins are earned once a successful purchase and delivery has been confirmed. For every 1000 coins earned, you will get PhP10 off from the Shopee preferred items.

Payment Methods

You can pay your orders in Shopee through:
Shopee, Payment options, Philippines, Online Shop, Lazada

It will be easier to pay if you have bank accounts with enrolled DragonPay billing. Unlike Lazada, Shopee does not accept debit or credit card payments yet.

Shopee offers FREE shipping nationwide with at least PhP250 purchase from a store. Once your order is confirmed, you have to wait for at most 3 days before your order is shipped. So, the shipping time ranges from 3-7 days or more, depending on their market traffic. But if you are not in a hurry to get hold of your product, this will not have a bearing on your part. I still suggest that you go for the cheap yet slow than the fast yet costly, in the end you will have the same item. Why bother to spend more of your pesos if you can wait for a few more days.

Shopee vs. Lazada Experience
My first Shopee experience is during the holiday season. I bought gifts for my friends in bulk. Although it took a longer time to arrive, around twelve days, still I was able to give it to them during our Christmas party. I ordered fifteen (15) travel pouches from Shopee which I purchased for about P135.00 less than the price of Lazada. Can you imagine I saved about P2025.00 for my gifts? The only problem is that five out of the fifteen pouches had a different brand, but they are in new and good condition. Should I complain? I guess not. With the savings, I could care less.

I was a bit hesitant to order in Shopee again but another opportunity came, so I dared to try again. I am organizing an event and I wanted to save up our budget as much as I can without compromising the quality of our souvenirs. I ordered thirty (30) pieces of pencil bags in Shopee which costs around P350 less than Lazada's tag (savings of P10,500.00). This time, all of the items are as I have imagined it to be, with a bonus of free two (2) mini calendars. Also, unlike before, it arrived in four (4) days. Perhaps the delayed delivery last time is just brought about the season. Even Lazada had a delay during that time since I ordered from them as well. I also ordered six (6) foldable bags from Shopee, priced at P120 less than Lazada's. They, too, are in good condition.

My experiences with Shopee may not have been enough but in my perspective, Shopee can be considered in the same platform of Lazada. I did have a few not so good experiences with Lazada, like a defective shoe organizer and frail luggage bags. So if you are saving up, try Shopee!

How to have the Shopee App in your device?
You can also browse Shopee Philippines using your mobile and tablet devices. Simply go to your Google Playstore or App Store and search the Shopee PH app.

For more information about Shopee, visit their Help Center.

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  1. Tanong lang Pwede bang kahit saan branch ng m lhuiller ?

    1. Opo. Centralized naman ang MLhuiller

  2. Shopee problem is their system has bugs or internal thief, i ended up paying for something i didn't order. They should really look into do a thorough investigation, else no customer will have confident on them.

    1. How come po? Their payment is thru OTC or bank transfers. They still don't accept credit cards. If you have placed an order, you still have to go to a payment center or have online transfer from your bank account.

  3. I'd rather shopping at than both of them. Both of them have a lot of items that is fake. that thing really scares me.

    1. also has lots of fakes.

  4. ^^ is better than shopee but for being compared to lazada I doubt.

  5. Hello po. I added items from different stores to my cart. Total cost is 500 pesos. Is it still free delivery or free delivery for a minimum of 500 per store?

  6. I think shopee was a trash compared to lazada. is much better than shopee and also can be compared to any other store.

  7. I didnt see much of a comparison here when I first read this article because maybe the author is paid by shoppee. so I tried ordering same itmes from both sites. Here is my takeaway:

    lazada has more products than shoppee
    It is easier to find items from lazada and the lazada interface is engaging.. It is really like shopping
    Some mobile phones are exclusive to lazada
    Lazada Guarantees more products

    Shoppee is new and that's all that's going for it.

    1. Same here... I am looking for a comparison but I see here that it praises a lot and explains a lot on shopee.

      I haven't tried shopee because i really don't like the interface, maybe I am just used to lazada..:)

  8. online eCommerce website. Very bad refund policy. cheating person are seller. i ordered ORDER ID. 171210224823QKT. but they delivered waste material. very poor quality. different color. very poor stitching. even street sheller can shell good materiel then him.