Recount on Typoco-Tallado Election Results

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In my province, even if the 2010 election is making the headlines, the debates of the previous election is still not settled. We have the elected governor, Hon. Jesus Typoco, Jr., performing his duties already as the head of our province. With a slight difference in the number of votes, Hon. Egay Tallado, his opponent, has contested to the election results and demanded a recount. His request was approved and the ballot boxes were reopened and the votes recounted. The new result showed that Tallado indeed won the governor position instead of Typoco. The authorized office had declared it official and the stepping up of Tallado in office was authorized. A day before the proclamation, Typoco was able to acquire a restraining from the court, withholding the future position of his rival. Before the recount results was finalized and released, Typoco was able to submit a budget proposal for the maintenance and construction of the highways and roads in Camarines Norte and it amounted to 13 billion pesos. Does he intend to rake some fund before he abandon his post? The Vice-Governor, Hon. Roy Padilla, Jr. was wise enough to issue an open letter which informs the public that whatever pending proposals signed by Typoco will be recognized as invalid since his authority as governor is still questionable. But until now, Typoco is still holding the post.
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