It’s Politics, What Else?

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The talk of the 2010 election has started to fill the news. Hopeful politicians are now the stars of TV ads, radio commercials, posters and banners. Their faces are now the street signs, telling how proud they are to the graduates of 2009, as if those graduates care. Government projects and renovations are swelling out like mushrooms. Honestly, I hate political talks, political campaigns, and the politicians themselves. In short, I don’t like the very thought of government politics. Politics is a way of gaining power and a ticket to dominate people. It’s a cycle on which the harder you try to intervene, the messier it gets. Well, I know that some of these political people are not really crooked at the start but it was through their everyday position that they transform into some power-hungry individuals.

Recently, PGMA has asked for bidders to automate the upcoming election. I agree with this because I believe that election fraud and crimes will be much less in this process. But then again, it will still not provide the true result of the election due to the long issue on vote-buying and impersonation. With this process, the crimes due to ballot boxes will no longer pose threats especially on its transport. As usual, there are some organizations who are opposed to this automation. They believe that it can easily be altered especially with the knowledge on networking and programming on hand. How will the COMELEC secure the movement of the automated results to the higher levels? Also, automation means less people can serve the election and we know that some of our kababayan earn money during this time by helping in election precincts. How then did the US handle their computerized election?

Whatever my personal concerns are, I don’t stereotype all politicians as wicked people. Strip off their title as politicians and it’s a thumb’s up to their intelligence and their ability to charm a great number of people beyond all the tensions.
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