Remarks that Made Filipinos Upset

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The latest was Alec Baldwin's (30 Rock) joke about getting a Filipino mail-order bride. Senator Revilla threatened Baldwin that if he visits the Philippines he will surely meet mayhem. Revilla stated, given that he is a senator, that the country has a law AGAINST mail-order brides. But is Revilla sure that they are really implemented? We know that most illegal actions can always find its way around the law.

Candy Pangilinan was also banned by the Baguio community due to her joke on the Igorots. Her joke that she is human and not an Igorot pushed the province officials to finalize their decision that they will not air any movies with Candy Pangilinan as one of the actress in their cinemas. Even a ten times apology didn't rattle the firm decision. Of course, this will affect her career so much that producers will have second thoughts on having her in a film. I am sure this will also pass. Given enough time, the Baguio people will forgive her, it's in our nature.

A Hongkong magazine had published a racially biased article which calls the Philippines as "A nation of servants". This has caused the Filipino workers in Hongkong to show their protest by having the Red Shirt Day. An apology from Chip Tsao lifted his ban from the country. The growing number of domestic helpers in Hongkong can be attributed to this issue. Even though they are helpers, they are not to be treated as slaves.

Then there was the famous Teri Hatcher (Desperate Housewife) on her insulting comment on the Filipino doctors. The quote was "Okay, before we go any further, can I check those diplomas? Coz I would just like to make sure they are not from some med school in the Philippines." Of course, even if it's other countries, the remark is still insulting. Imagine calling your med school with no K.

All I can say is, be careful on your words. You cannot know how people will react.
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  1. I was searching for something totally different, nothing related to your post. But I ended up reading it all besides that Korean song thing... Anyways hope you keep on writing!