Where Have the Children Gone?

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When I was a kid, I am always outside, playing with other kids in our neighborhood. We make the streets loud and make the air damp and sweaty. I am a girl but I climb trees, fly kite, ride a bike, chase dragonflies and grasshoppers and go over the bakod. I got my tan color from playing inter-in (patintero), inserectos, tumbang preso, habulan (It), Chinese garter, that's the color, one-foot, taraguan (hide-and-seek), and even dangkalan. Boardgames and dolls make me bored. But now, our streets had become quiet. Maybe because we had grew up and the number of kids lessened throughout the years. Maybe the parents had become more strict. Or maybe the modern gadgets had taken the children as its prey.

The kids of today are more advanced when it comes to using computers and are more knowledgeable on the latest online games. They can lead a batallion at young age. Kill people virtually, be exposed in the gory and creepy streets in Silent Hill (I know it's old already). They have established a second person in the web or even in their handheld games.

I had a tutee on which he prefers to be rewarded with the cash he can use in Rakion. Pa-cash he said, worth 200 pesos. He want it that way than receiving an actual 1000 pesos from his father. I asked him why he liked that. He said "because my Dad won't let me use my own money to buy those virtual stuffs so, I told him that he have to buy them for me and my proposal is cheaper by 800 pesos. He accepted it". I didn't reacted as long as it makes him satisfied. This boy is just 9 years old and he is already selling crazy kart cars on the web. The cars are worth 25,000 gold cash or more and he uses it to buy more equipped ones.

This is just an example on how the virtual world has affected the lives of our younger generations. They had become more strategic, more conceptualized and more ma-diskarte. But I can say that these modern technology had robbed these kids their childhood days. They had transported their childhood lives into a portal, on which there's nth chance to try again not only second chance. As a result, they had become ignorant on the exciting and lively things they can do under the sun. As technology evolves, it's providing the indoor versions of the games played outside. There's a Wii game for fishing, golfing, bowling, soccer, and etc.

Ok, you can call me old-fashioned. But I had enjoyed my childhood in closeness with nature.
Do you agree to this kind of childhood?
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  1. i agree! yes, most of the children today are into gadgets..
    and i would like to quote "Or maybe the modern gadgets had taken the children as its prey."
    it's sad that almost all of the children did not grew up in close with the nature but with technologies. Don't get me wrong, i'm not saying that what is happening is not right, but children should also know how to balance things. They should also take time to play outside and appreciate nature. I agree to what my philosophy professor said: that today, the internet is the most powerful thing, you can obtain informations within a click.
    What makes me sad is that most children have no care in the nature, simply because they did not grew up there, they did not realize it's importance, for in their childhood days, they have been eaten up by the advancement of technology.

    I didn't know not until now that you were a girl, no offense to that, but most of the, as I may say, "experts" in the field of computer are boys.
    I myself is a girl, and I really look up to people like you, who excel and has knowledge with these..
    keep up the good work and more power!

  2. Yeah, you are right. We have taken the internet as one of the most powerful tools that exist today. The oldies are amazed to the youngsters who can sit down and make magic in front of the computer. They didn't realize that they are more fortunate than these youngster because they have lived in appreciation with their environment.

    At your PS, I am used to mistaken identity. I haven't taken any web courses, I just like to read tutorials and manuals. I enjoyed it. You can also be one if it really interest you. thanks for dropping by!

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