Are We Welcoming the Idea of Third Parties?

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I had watched The Mistress in Cinema and had seen the long lines of moviegoers just to watch this show. I have even seen a lola wait in line as she is being assisted by maybe her apo. Maybe some of them had watched it because of John Lloyd Cruz or Bea Alonzo. And maybe some of them shared the feeling of being a mistress and is curious how the movie will handle the theme.

As we can remember, before The Mistress was shown, there was The Other Woman which also became a hit. It has a different plot but same theme: having a mistress. And now, I came to watch the official trailer of A Secret Affair in and it stars Anne Curtis, Derek Ramsey and Andi Eigenmann. Anne Curtis is now playing the first partner and Derek Ramsey is again taking roles of a guy with two lovers. Some said it is like the extension of The Other Woman cono on which Derek may had chosen to be with Anne. And here again revolves the story of having a mistress, a third party in the relationship. If the Other Woman ended with the Wife having her husband back while The Mistress ended with a tragedy, how will the Secret Affair end?

Are the Filipinos being liberated in this kind of idea on which they patronize on screen? Or are there so many  women now who had been in that same position before and had form sentiments of being called a mistress that's why it seemed that we are embracing third party culture? It is really extreme to the Filipino's conservative nature. Some may had said that statistically, there are more women than men and maybe this is the time for love triangles to be a norm?
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