"Gangnam Style" Sensation (Only in the Philippines)

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If you haven't heard the "Gangnam Style" music, you should ask yourself if you are still being aware of your surrounding. Because it has been playing in the air for months now and people are not getting tired of its repeated lyrics "Gangnam style, hey sexy lady! Gangnam Style!". The kids are not only dancing it, even the inmates in Cebu! They may be inmates, but they still have social lives and the biggie of this, they have Time to practice and choreograph a dance in this hit music! See the video here (youtube.com).

Filipinos now quote, that when they go into prison cells, it's better be in CEBU. You can dance freely in there! Opp, Opp!

The Gangnam version that I love the most is the Mother and Son style.
Watch them perform in Ellen

Original version at their home 

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