Envy the Kids Who Can Play Guitar

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I have been learning to play the guitar for about two years already and the song that I can really play and sing along are Leaving on a Jetplane, Hwak Kamay, Bakit Ba? by Siakol and Breakaway by Carrie Underwood.   And I am still no good on those songs!

I was encourage to learn this instrument because I have seen among the guys that if they are not playing basketball or DOTA, they are playing guitar! Since I have known quite a few who can teach me and tune my guitar whenever it needed one. I bought an I.R. Lumanog guitar so as not to wreck other people's guitar. And I asked two of my friends to teach me starting with the finger positions. The hard part was the strumming wherein you have to make the sound just like as you have heard them in music.  So, much to my disappointment, I just let my guitar lie most of the time.

I have seen music prodigy, August Rush, played the guitar unconventionally. If you haven't seen the movie, here's a head start. Now, as I was browsing youtube.com for guitar lessons, I came across Sungha Jung, also counted as a musical prodigy I guess. I read that he started playing guitar at age 7 and then came to fame in Youtube. He and August Rush have the same style in playing the guitar (called finger-style), I can't still believed that it can be played that way and give the same music! The best of it, you can see that they are enjoying their music.

Watch August Rush perform The Dueling Guitar

Watch Sungha Jung perform Payphone or Gangnam Style

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