Digong's Super Bulalo: Super Affordable Bulalo Experience

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I know it's already the start of Holy Week! I had been abstaining from meat since the start of the Lenten Season and yet, I found myself craving for it when I passed by Digong's Super Bulalo. It is a newly established eatery in University of the Philippines - Diliman and suited in the famous Area 2 of the campus. I can't resist the temptation of trying it out because of the flock of people that goes there everyday even if it looks like the typical carinderia found in the streets; nothing much attractive except the smell of the cooking bulalo.
digong super bulalo University of the Philippines UP Diliman area 2

So, I am guilty. I tried it with a friend. We ordered the Super Bulalo which costs P180 and I think is already good for 3-4 persons because we haven't been able to consume the whole serving. The bulalo is cooked in broth with the right combination of seasoning accented with the flavor of spring onion. You can even make it tastier by adding a bit of calamansi and patis as well as adding some chili for a more spicy taste. Of course when it's bulalo, you wouldn't miss picking the bone marrow with a barbecue stick! I had been a fan of bone marrrows ever since I was a child. Yum!

Digong's Bulalo also offers (with unlimited soup refill):
- Pata with Laman (P60)
- Balbakwa (P35) - this is the fatty skin part
- Bulalo (P120) - good for 2-3 persons
- Super Mix (P60) - mixture of balbakwa and laman

*Rice is paid separately at P10/serving

Try them after this Holy Week! You can never find any other good bulalo in QC at these price range! And Boy Bulalo should also come here, he'll surely get served!

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