Easy Graham Balls for Dessert or Snack

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Summer is the best opportunity for us to indulge in the kitchen. I am not a cook myself but I prefer making desserts and snacks because they do not require much cooking time and focus. I recently purchased a box of Graham Balls from a friend and I got curious on how it is made. Trust me, it's a real piece of cake. Even kids can make these Graham Balls.

Ingredients (makes 2 dozen balls*):
1. Two packs of Crushed Graham (200g)
2. One can condensed milk (300ml)
3. For the add-ons: marshmallows and/or a pack of NIPS white chocolate. Nuts can also be used.

Graham Balls in a Crushed Graham as Sprinkles

1. Empty the two packs of Crushed Graham in a bowl. Set aside a little of it for sprinkling on the finished balls.
2. Pour the can of condensed milk to the Crushed Graham and mix it well with a big spoon or with your hands.
3. With a handful of the mixture, put a marshmallow and add some nuts inside before molding it to a ball.
4. Top it with NIPS chocolate or nuts. Roll the balls in the crushed Graham that you set aside earlier.
5. Refrigerate before serving. They are best served if the balls are quite cold but not hardened.

Graham Balls when Finished

Budget: Php 120.00
*Serving depends on the size of the balls that you will make. I made my balls larger than munchkins in this guide.
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