Firefox 29 Updated to a New Look

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Mozilla Firefox browser had just updated to a new look! It's suave! It may feel as if you are using a chromium one but the look is different. Their new tagline Designed to be Redesigned enables user to design their new tab and toolbar with Firefox newly customizable icons. Themes were also updated, lots of it are still available. Syncing with your mobile and tablet Firefox is still one of the features. You can also choose from a lot of add-ons; but the ASK toolbar is not compatible with this new version at of this moment. Another issue is I just can't seem to understand the retention of the search toolbar if you can use the url box as a search box. It seems that two is better than one eh?

Mozilla Firefox ver 29 update new look download

 Get your own localized version in Firefox download page.
 Enjoy the new design!

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