Take a Break, It's Heart's Day!

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Love and red are everywhere! What do you have for Valentine's Day? Are you single, married with kids, in a relationship, whatever your status is, better enjoy this day cause it's a Saturday! Give yourself a break, right?

What to do then?
If you happen to be single and all you can have for the day is the company of your barkada or a friend, then I suggest that you attend the Backtrack: UP Fair 2015 in UP Diliman Sunken Garden. Jam for a night with Gloc 9, South Border, Soapdish, Rocksteddy, Slapshock, Barbie Almalbis, Ransom Collective, Wolfgang, Tanya Markova. You can buy tickets at the USC Office, Vinzons Hall, UP Diliman from 8AM to 4PM or if you can't make it at those hours, you can buy them at the ticket booth located on the venue. You can also reserve online through this site. You can also invite your friends to watch Fifty Shades of Gray, I heard it's already shown in theaters. But don't forget, it's an erotic movie.

UP Fair, 2015, Saturday, Valentines Day, Concert, Barbie Almalbis, Gloc 9, Soapdish, South Border
Photo taken from UP Fair Facebook page
If you prefer to go solo, the UP Diliman Academic Oval and the Quezon City Memorial Circle are your options. You can take a stroll, jog, eat some streetfoods, or just enjoy the cool atmosphere of these places. If you want to be a couch-potato, go watch the latest movies, be updated with the new episodes of your favorite TV series or anime, read online manga, or browse the Zalora site for new clothes or accessories, they have a great collection of comfortable and stylish tees by the way. You can also try some food in a restaurant that you haven't been before or cook some hearty meal in your kitchen. Have your cheat day once in a while.

If you are in a relationship, then I say, do the usual. Things like a reservation in a romantic restaurant or recreational venues, the gift of flowers and chocolates, the surprise visit, doing sports together, etc. It's a special day to celebrate with your special someone so make it their super special day.

If you have your kids and/or your husband, spend the day outside and enjoy the sun and the earth with them! You can have a picnic in UP Diliman grounds (I know, I'm biased but I just love the place!). Equip yourself with the barbecue grill, packed lunch, and the picnic mat, then off you go for a good Saturday! You can also bring your bikes, badminton rackets, frisbee disc or your soccer ball and have fun playing. The important thing is, you give them your time as well as your love.

So, what's up for me?
We might bump each other in UP Diliman, I'll be there for the concert! See yah!
Spread love not only on Valentine's Day.
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