Rest in Peace, Jam Sebastian

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Youtube's sensation Jam Sebastian is now resting in peace with our Lord. His death happened at 10:30 AM this March 4, 2015 in St. Luke's Medical Center, Taguig City. He had battled with Stage 4 lung cancer for almost a year. Netizens had been following the state of his condition after he was diagnosed with the Big C. By February this year, it had been known that Jam was already in life support and the cancer cells had also affected his bones.

Jam sebastian, Battle for cancer, cancer, Mich liggayu, Jamich,
Photo from Facebook

Jam was the fiance of Mich Liggayu of which they were known as Jamich not only in Youtube but also in Instagram, Facebook and Twitter. Mich had posted the screenshot below in Facebook confirming his fiance's end of battle.

Jam, Jamich, Mich, Death, Cancer, RIP, End of battle
Click to enlarge. Screen grab from Facebook of Mich
JaMich were engaged two months after he was diagnosed with cancer. One can recall that it was Mich who made the proposal (so sweet, eh!).

Have a great journey up there, Jam!
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