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Smart Communication's FREE internet ended with a new promo that's basically the same from their previous one (FREE-to-9999-promo) but this time, it's offered by Facebook's thru Smart. This partnership offers Smart/TNT/Sun users access to various websites free from all data charges. Though this promo seems to be a bit limited compared to the previous free internet in terms of the number of free sites and online streaming, it's still FREE! Users can also use the Facebook App and Facebook Messenger for FREE!

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The following are the sites that can be accessed without charge as long as you are using an internet-capable handset: interface
    -Facts for Life 
    -BabyCenter and MAMA
    -Girl Effect

To avail of the promo, users can send INTERNET to 9999. They can also download the app from Google Play Store here. They can also use the UCBrowser for to access the internet, download here. Promo can be availed with piso maintaining load using the default Smart Internet settings. Enjoy!

Talk 'N Text and Smart users, check this:
Piso per Day Unlimited Internet Access 
Unli Internet With Unli Call and Unli AllNet Texts For Less Than PhP10/Day
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  1. ano po ba to ? di ko maintindihan ., di naman sinabi na may load ba kailangan gamitn o wala? ,., ????? tatatatatatatime,., !!!!!