How to Make Your Bitcoins (BTC) Earnings into Cash?

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If you are one of those people who had been collecting and mining Bitcoins and probably wanted to sell them for cash in the future, then this post is for you! Bitcoin is like a stock whose price varies every hour. The best strategy of course is to sell them when the price is higher than average. You will learn from this tutorial the process of making your BTCs into cash ready to be withdrawn from your bank or other money outlet like Palawan Express, M.Lhuiller, Smart Money, GCash or LBC.

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I had been collecting free BTCs from faucets for months now and yesterday, I was able to encash them at my local currency. I have a multi-bit wallet and Coinbase account before but now I decided to stick with the for easy transaction since I prefet to have my earnings be directed to my peso or BTC wallet which can be later on encashed via my bank account. And having other BTC wallets incur fees when transferring to other wallets, so better to have one wallet only to save fees.

If you want to earn BTCs, you can try the following sites:
1. BTC Clicks and Coinad- PTC site with BTC as payment
2. - input captcha and earn every hour.
3. Land of Bitcoins - provides lots of faucets that will let you earn BTCs by the hour or even a quarter of the hour.

What to do?
1. You must have your account ready.  If you don't have one yet, you can sign-up for free here. Make sure that you verified your account by mobile and by ID. You will use your mobile number to receive confirmation messages of your completed transfers in the future.
2. Then, send all your earned BTCs to your Peso Wallet. You can get your Peso Wallet number from the Receive tab then click Peso Wallet (besides BTC Wallet tab). If you have a Coinbase account, can be integrated to your Coinbase account for easy BTC transfer., cashout btc peso, btc,
Cashout Dashboard. Click to enlarge
3. From your dashboard, click the Cash Out (Sell) tab. Input the amount of BTC or Peso that you want to sell. I think the minimum amount is Php500, but you can still check if it will work below that amount. Then choose the payment option where you will receive your money. There is a wide selection of banks, cash card, cash pickup, door-to-door delivery and mobile money options. Just choose the easier way for you to receive your money. If you have a bank account, then it will be better because there will be no processing fee. Lastly, input your name and account number at the bottom of the page.
4. You will be shown with the options below, select how you will send the BTC/Peso amount. Remember that you are selling your BTC or Peso Money to
Click to enlarge
5. An email will be sent to your email ad that your cashout had been completed then it will be processed within a day. Once done, you will receive a text message confirming the transfer and you will now be ready to withdraw your money from the bank or other money outlets that you have chosen. Make sure that you bring a valid ID when using LBC, 2GO, Cebuana, M.Lhuiller and Palawan Express outlets. 

You can also use your account for your stellar earnings.

Enjoy your earnings!
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