I Think Like Chiz

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Recently, the government has issued a statement that they will give 25 million pesos reward to whoever can provide information in the political killings in our country.

When I heard that, I told the radio (literally) that instead of giving away the 25 million as reward, why not the government spend it in the intelligence unit. Manage that unit to gather the information needed and tackle a way to know the people behind the killings. So, instead of waiting for people to provide information (which I am sure will depend if they are bogus or not), simulate movement. Isn't it their job?

Then the other day, Aling Sonia, a radio brodcaster, quoted Sen. Chiz Escudero that in order to solve the problem, use the amount to run the intelligence command. The intelligence command is reliable enough to gether information and strategize ways in battling the issue.

See, I should find my way to the government offices. Haha.
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1 comment :

  1. haha! I agree! you really think like CHIZ.. The goverment is not thinking "economically".. I agree, they should give it to the intelligence unit, instead of waiting(which, we all know, can not be determined when). The 25 million will help them to strengthen their force for sure!

    So, after that incidence, no plan for running as a Senator?haha